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Bonetto Cinturini Watch Bands

Bonetto Cinturini Watch Straps

Global Watchband is an authorized dealer of Bonetto Cinturini watch bands. Coming in a thickness of 4mm, our mens Italian rubber deployment buckle Bonetto Cinturini watch straps are made of the highest quality, coming in rubber styles. The buckle on these Bonetto Cinturini watch bands comes as a quality brushed finish stainless steel. These high quality Bonetto Cinturini watch bands manufactured in Italy have waterproof and hypo allergenic features. The rubber used in the manufacturing is anti-allergic and non-toxic, as declared by the FDA! In addition, our Bonetto Cinturini watch straps feature colors which are resistant to ultraviolet rays cast by the sun, to ensure the color of your watch strap is retained! Depending on your choice, these rubber watch straps can be reversible for either a formal occasion or a sports outing.

Bonetto Cinturini Band Widths & Buckle Features

Our Bonetto Cinturini watch bands come in band width sizes of 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm. If you have any questions regarding our Bonetto Cinturini band widths, please reach out to us today! In addition, our Bonetto Cinturini watch straps also feature the buckle sizes of 18mm and 20mm.

Bonetto Cinturini Watch Bands - Color Options

Our Bonetto Cinturini watch bands come in the color variants of black and blue. Please shop our online store today to purchase your black or blue Bonetto Cinturini watch straps today!

Bonetto Cinturini Watch Straps

Bonetto Cinturini Watch Straps - Additional Features

  • Waterproof - Our Bonetto Cinturini watch bands also are waterproof, built for the long-lasting durability necessary to withstand moisture anywhere you go.
  • Hypo Allergenic - Our Bonetto Cinturini watch straps are also hypo allergenic for sensitive skin. The watch strap's rubber used in manufacturing is anti-allergenic, non-toxic, and approved by the FDA!

Fitting most men's large wrists, our Bonetto Cinturini watch bands can be fit or cut to fit a smaller wrist if necessary! Our quality Italian Bonetto Cinturini watch straps come with the Genuine vanilla scent.

If you have additional questions regarding Bonetto Cinturini watch straps, please feel free to reach out to Global Watchband today for assistance. Thank you for choosing us to purchase your Bonetto Cinturini watch straps!