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Samsung Gear S2 Classic


The Samsung Gear S2 classic is not a fitness watch, as it's more a smartwatch. So its level of activity monitoring is minimal. The watch is able to track running, biking and walking with an estimated number of calories burned. The watch is designed to use apps, like Nike+Running and S health that comes preloaded on the watch and will provide the level of tracking most want to see from fitness devices. Having the ability to choose apps that are appropriate to the activity or user's preference makes the Samsung Gear S2 Classic a good choice for those looking for customization. Some basic features on the S2 is that it is able to keep of your activity throughout the day. It will keep track of your pulse, number of steps, and heart rate. It will also alert you if you haven't moved enough.

The Samsung Gear S2 classic exceeds when it comes to fashion. Unlike many smartwatches that you can tell are fitness trackers, rather than watches, the S2 Classic does well in appearing to be a stylish watch for the wrist. The watch uses premium finishes, and the band can easily be swapped out with almost any 20mm standard strap for all looks and/or occasions. The S2 classic should not be confused with the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 as it does not take standard watch bands at all. The sleek design of the classic coupled with the many choices of band colors and watch faces, make this a great choice for those looking for a watch that can accompany any occasion.

The Samsung Gear S2 classic is designed to also be durable. By using materials like stainless steel, scratch-resistant glass, the S2 classic should stand up to everyday wear and tear. Match it up with a Hirsch Performance strap and your band will have a 2.5 year warranty as well. The watch is also IP68 rated meaning that it will handle exposure to water, dust and sweat.

To wrap it up, it sounds like the Samsung Gear S2 classic is an intuitive smartwatch that is designed for those on the go. While those looking for a true fitness watch will want more from the Gear S2 Classic, those looking for basic fitness measurements will be happy with this watch. It can receive smart notifications from smartphones, including text and email alerts, phone calls, and app notification, like Instagram alerts. Adding to this, is the ability to customize the watch's face and change its band as needed. Its touchscreen and rotating bezel help the user easily navigate throughout the watch. All this with a price tag less than $300.

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