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  • How are Hadley Roma watch straps manufactured?

    Curious about how Hadley Roma watch straps are manufactured?

    Here is a fascinating video (produced by the Roma Industries, owners of the Hadley-Roma brand). The video describes the entire watch band making process.

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  • What Makes Rubber Watch Bands Attractive

    You have a lot of choices when it comes to your watch band. When people have a nice watch or a watch that is a family heirloom that they want to put on a band, they will consider materials such as leather or metal. But rubber watch bands are a great alternative for a lot of reasons. The next time you are looking for a watch band, take a look at what makes rubber watch bands so attractive.

    Rubber Watch Strap Hadley-Roma Solid Color Matching Stitched Silicon Rubber Diver Strap

    For one thing, rubber watch bands can come in a variety of colors that can match your watch perfectly. You can choose a feature on your watch that you like and get a band color that compliments or enhances that feature. There is a literal rainbow of colors to choose from when you take a look at your selections of rubber watch bands that you are going to find something you like.

    Another thing that makes these bands so attractive to people is that rubber can be molded into any kind of design. If you are looking for that one special band design that no one else seems to offer, then you may want to find a website that offers rubber watch bands. The versatility of rubber means that manufacturers can make bands into any kind of design they want. The possibilities could literally be endless when it comes to the kinds of shapes and patterns you can have on your rubber watch band.

    Manufacturers have taken to stamping rubber watch bands to look like all of the popular designs that exist. The reason they do this is because many people consider rubber to be more comfortable and longer lasting than any other material. So when you are looking for a particular pattern on your watch band, the chances are very good that the pattern you are look for can be found in a comfortable and durable rubber band. You can choose from a variety of colors as well as  multiple unique designs, and have the band you have always wanted for that very special watch that you want to pass down to future family generations.

  • Six Great Ostrich Watch Straps

    Ostrich and lizard watch straps are becoming more popular around the world. Before you invest in one of these bold fashion statements, you need a buying guide to the more popular types that are available. When you find a reputable online retailer to buy from, you will have the selection you need to make the right choices.

    The Hadley-Roma Genuine African Ostrich watch strap is one of the finer available on the market. It can be purchased in a classic black color, but it also comes in cognac and a natural light brown hue. These are truly unique watch bands that will give you something to talk about when you are at any event.

    Hadley-Roma also makes a Genuine Teju Lizard watch band that is extremely comfortable and fashionable as well. The designers at Hadley-Roma put plenty of comfortable padding into their straps and also offer a wide variety of colors for consumers to choose from as well.

    Tech Swiss makes a 20mm tan ostrich leather strap with a special quick-release mechanism that makes it easy to put on and take off quickly. The bright tan color and the tell-tale spots make this a unique looking watch band for any occasion.

    Speidel has a 14mm ladies’ ostrich leather watch strap that has a beautiful pink hue to it and a slender design. The gold tone buckle sets off the pink strap and, once again, the leather is highlighted by the fashionable spots that can be found on every ostrich watch strap.

    If you have any issues with ostrich leather, then you should try the Anti-Allergic Honey Tan Ostrich Strap by Di-Model. It is a 14mm strap that has a rich, dark tan hue to it and padded sides. The strap is specially treated to make it something that anyone can wear. The special breathing surface technology that goes into this strap also makes it comfortable to wear.

    For something a bit different, you can try the Tech Swiss 20mm turquoise ostrich leather strap. The natural grain of ostrich leather is brought out with the blue hue that is added to make this one of the more interesting designer straps on the market.

  • 5 Tips To Adjust Metal Watch Bands

    Many people like metal watch bands because they can be adjusted to the correct size quickly and easily. But if you want to get your watch band down to the right size without damaging it, then there are five tips you need to follow that will allow you to take care of your metal watch band and retain its look.

    The first thing to remember about metal watch bands is that adjusting them is easy if you have the right tools and know the proper approach. You should make sure to purchase the proper tools from your online watch band supplier and take the time to watch a video on how to adjust a metal watch band before you get started.

    When you are adjusting your metal watch band, be sure you are using a flat, solid surface and a room that has plenty of light. You will be working on some small parts, so you do not want to lose track of what you are doing. The flat surface is essential in making sure that you are able to do the adjustments properly.

    The surface you are working on should be bright and soft. The best kind of surface to work on when adjusting a metal watch band is a white towel. The white color will allow you to easily see each piece of the band. The softness of the towel will prevent small pieces from bouncing off a hard table able being lost forever.

    Before you put the clasp back on, always make sure that the watch band is adjusted properly. There should be a finger distance between your wrist and the band to allow for safe movement. Do not reattach the clasp until you are certain that you are done adjusting the band.

    If you are lengthening a metal watch band, then always remember to add an equal amount of pieces to each side of the band to keep everything symmetric. That means that you will always be adding an even number of watch band lengths to a metal watch band each time that you try to extend it.

  • Nice Hirsch Watch Of Your Dreams

    The highest quality watch straps always have the most design work that goes into them. That attention to detail is why Hirsch watch straps are so popular. When you are looking for the watch of your dreams, then let a Hirsh strap turn your watch into the one that you have always wanted.

    Style and color are extremely important when looking into a quality watch strap. Hirsch watch bands come in a variety of designs that include practical and also tap into the sporty arena as well. The Liberty strap would look great on any watch, while the rally sports strap by Hirsch adds excitement to just about any brand of watch. When you put one of these straps on a watch, you are turning the watch into a collector’s item.

    The designers at Hirsch understand that people want variety, which is why there are a lot of colors and color schemes to choose from with these straps. There are basic Earth tones and then you have exciting colors such as silver or bright red. If it is variety you want from your quality watch band, then the Hirsch line of products is exactly what you are looking for. You will find the band for your watch in the color and style you need.

    There is more to creating a world-renowned line of watch bands than just style and color. The Hirsch line also contains the features that you need to make your watch comfortable and practical. There are carbon fiber straps that are designed to withstand a great deal of abuse and there are also waterproof bands that you can put in your sports watch and head out to conquer your next goal.

    The titanium buckles on Hirsch watch bands are hypoallergenic, which means that they will not react with your skin in the way that other metals might. The Hirsch line of watch straps is concerned with everything that goes into owning a watch. When you put one of these straps on your watch, you are definitely creating the perfect watch of your dreams that you will treasure the rest of your life.

  • Essential Guide To Buying Leather Watch Straps

    When people set out to enhance the look of their wristwatch, the first place they start is with a designer strap. When you have the right strap removal tool, you can change the strap safely as often as you want. Some people have dozens of straps to go with their single favorite timepiece. Before you invest in a leather strap, there are some basic tips you should keep in mind at all times.

    There are many different types of leather watch straps available to choose from. Crocodile, ostrich and lizard are just some of the many kinds of straps you have to choose from. If your skin is sensitive to certain kinds of leather, then you may want to try and determine which types of leather are going to give you issues. You can also look for the designers who offer hypoallergenic leather straps that are safe for anyone to wear.

    Do not limit yourself to one kind of leather. Crocodile straps look much different than ostrich straps, which makes them both desirable to the people who want the very best in fashions. Find a good online supplier and take a long look at the many different kinds of leather that is available. It could take you a while to go through the different combinations of leather texture and color, but it would be well worth the effort.

    Over time, human perspiration can destroy leather watch straps. When you buy your straps, always get a maintenance kit that includes the proper cleaning solutions and a soft cloth as well. If you know that you will be exposing your watch to a lot of moisture, then get a leather strap that is rated as waterproof. This kind of planning ahead will save you a great deal of problems and aggravation in the future.

    There are a lot of different kinds of leather watch straps to choose from. The best approach is to take your time and find an online supplier that offers a wide variety to choose from. You will find that collecting leather watch straps becomes a great hobby that you will never tire of.

  • Finding Quality Mens Leather Watch Bands

    Men all over the world are realizing that it is easy to have a collection of watch bands for the same watch. That means that a man can change his watch band to match his wardrobe in the same way that he can change a belt or a pair of shoes. The trick is to start your search online with a reputable retailer. An online retailer is going to have a wide selection of the best possible bands available. You should also be sure to deal with direct manufacturer authorized dealers as well. These will be the companies that give you the best prices and the best selection.

    Buy leather watch bands to match your lifestyle. If you are an active person, then try to get bands that are designed for sporty watches. You may also want to get waterproof bands to prevent them from getting damaged in the course of use. It is important to remember that, unless a leather watch band says that it is waterproof, then exposure to water could damage it. You can avoid all kinds of future problems by just making sure to buy the proper kind of band for your needs.

    Check out the variety of leather bands available before you decide on one. Remember that you can change the band on your watch as often as you like, so you are not limited to one band on your watch. But there is a wide variety of leathers used in making watch bands that you should check out before you buy one. Crocodile is one of the more popular varieties, but don’t forget about ostrich and lizard bands as well. Each type of leather has a unique look that can enhance any ensemble you decide to wear.

    Men who are interested in style and fashion need to look into getting a collection of leather watch bands. When you find a watch strap that fits your lifestyle, then you need to add it to your collection and use it as a way to enhance your entire wardrobe. It is a good idea to pay attention to the fashion details to create a unique look.

  • Tips for Maintaining your Watch Band

    Watch band maintenance goes hand in hand with good watch maintenance practices. One of the first things that any good watchmaker will tell you is that you need the proper tools to change a watch band or else you risk damaging the band and the watch. A spring bar tool is the thing you need to make sure that you can quickly and easily swap out watch bands without causing any damage.

    If you are uncomfortable about working with your watch, or the watch band, we highly recommend that you engage the assistance of a professional watch repair service provider.

    There are cleaning kits a consumer can buy that offer all of the tools necessary to clean watchbands such as the ones made from stainless steel or gold. It is important to remove any debris from your metal watch bands to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. The same goes for leather and other band materials. Always clean your bands with the proper materials to prevent any long-term damage.

    Did you know that your own perspiration can eventually destroy your leather watch strap? That is why it is critically important to wipe down your watch band with a dry and soft cloth regularly. If the perspiration is allowed to accumulate on your leather band, then you may have to invest in a new one long before you had intended to.

    Proper care of your rubber watch band means washing it regularly with warm, soapy water and a soft brush. Once again, it is important to get that excess debris off your watch band to prevent deterioration over time. When you get the debris off your rubber watch band, then the band will last much long and retain its original color.

    For all watch straps, the most important maintenance tip is to wear the strap loosely to prevent breaking and stretching. You should be able to put at least one finger between your wrist and the strap when it is fitted properly. Some rubber watch bands and expandable metal bands fit snug to the wrist, but they can expand without causing damage. But any other watch band should be fitted loosely to prevent sudden movements from snapping the band and to also prevent stretching the band out over time.

    We carry a very wide selection of watch bands for your convenience.

  • Tips on Picking a Crocodile Watch Band

    A crocodile watch band has a familiar pattern to it that most people would recognize on sight. Because of their versatility, crocodile bands are one of the most popular kinds of watch straps in the world. The best part is that there is a wide selection of styles and colors available that allows any watch owner a wide variety to choose from.

    The first thing you need to know about choosing the right crocodile watch band for your timepiece is that they do come in different designs. The thing that ties them all together is the familiar pattern that designates a band as being a crocodile watch band. But that familiar pattern can be altered in many different ways to create something unique. In some cases, people would have to look closely to see the crocodile pattern on your strap. In other cases, the prominence of the pattern is what makes these kinds of straps so popular.

    Most people get the image of the common brown crocodile watch band in their mind and convince themselves that this is the band that they want. A good piece of advice to anyone looking for this kind of strap is to keep your mind open. There are many manufacturers out there who make crocodile bands in a variety of colors. You should take your time and find the color that best fits your watch and brings out the best features of your timepiece.

    Another choice you will need to make is between a glossy or matte finish. A matte watch band tends to look better with darker watch faces, while the glossy finish can be used to highlight the brighter watches. While this is not a hard and fast rule, it is a good guideline to use when trying to decide between the different kinds of finishes available with crocodile bands.

    Whether you want a crocodile watch band in that popular brown color or you want one in bright red, you will find exactly what you are looking for on our website.

  • 5 Tips To Getting The Right Leather Watch Strap

    One of the most desirable forms of watch strap on the market is the leather watch band. With superior comfort, amazing durability, and spectacular design, it is easy to see why that is the case. If you are shopping for a new leather watch strap, you have made a very good choice, indeed. Here are five tips to get you going in the right direction.

    Make Sure Leather Is The Right Choice 

    While a leather watch band is the perfect choice to complement many watch styles, it may not be perfect for every instance. If you have a very fancy watch or elaborate design, you may want to choose a band that will match a bit better than leather. In many cases, you can determine if leather will be the right choice by comparing your watch to a certain strap style or design.

    Measure The Size You Will Need 

    Leather watch straps are available in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. In order to get the best one for you, it is imperative that you measure properly before you make a purchase. The last thing that you want is a strap that does not fit you well and you are unhappy with when it arrives. This will help you to ensure that the strap you will receive will be the perfect fit for your wrist.

    Consider The Wide Array Of Color Choices 

    When it comes to color choices for watchbands, there are more in the leather variety than any other style. If you would like to have a perfectly red leather band to complement your silver watch, that is completely possible. Make sure you take some time to consider all of the color options available.

    Choose Between Genuine And Synthetic Styles 

    Genuine leather bands are a very good choice and they will be the most durable band that you have most likely ever worn. However, there are some pretty amazing synthetic styles on the market if you are not into the whole idea of leather.

    Is Leather The Material That You Really Want? 

    You may be under the impression that leather is the style that you want from the start. However, when you see that you can get many other similar styles, you may be unsure. You can get watch bands that made from genuine crocodile, alligator, and even stingray skin if you choose. These are amazing choices that you may want to think about.

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