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Breitling Watch Band & Breitling Special Edition Wallet up for Auction on Ebay

Bezel Tabs2 Bezel Tabs4 Wallet1 Wallet3 Watch1

Look what I have up for auction on my e-bay store. First I have bezel tabs for the Breitling Aerospace. They are used but in really good condition the glow spot still glows well! Second, I have this brand new Breitling special edition leather wallet with airplane comic charaters on it's lower half. It also came with a note from Breitling. Very cool!Third is this used 20mm straight end Breitling Aerospace titanium and gold watch band, measuring 6 3/4 inches. It's still in really good shape and would surely look great on your watch.

These auctions started today and will run till 6-19-2014, stop by and check them out. There are additional pictures on the listings and detailed information about each piece. I have linked all of the words and pictures above, so all you have to do is click on them to go straight to the listing. Have fun!

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