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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • Embossed Alligator, Crocodile and Lizard Watchbands Versus Genuine Exotic Leather Watchbands

    1090-28-70-FoldLeather watch bands can be stamped to resemble most exotic skins. Some of the most popular grains we want to replicate are leather bands that can be stamped or embossed to look like an alligator grain, crocodile grain and lizard grain. These replacement watch bands are great because they look just like a genuine exotic band but are a fraction of the cost. These watch bands have become even greater as technology grows. Hadley-Roma and Hirsch are able to match the exact look of a genuine skin and also shade the color of the leather straps to give them a more natural and authentic look.

    A genuine alligator band can cost anywhere from $200 to $800. Most alligator and crocodile grain watch bands are more around the $30 to $100 price range. Genuine lizard straps are more around the $75 to $100 price range where the embossed lizard can be as low as $18 and still give you the same beautiful look.

    High end watch straps are very popular this time of year. There are a lot of work functions and family get togethers at the end of the year. This is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe and accessories. If your budget doesn’t allow for a genuine exotic skin don’t be afraid to give the embossed bands a try. They look just as nice and no one will ever be able to tell the difference.

  • The Holiday Season and Cooler Weather is the Most Popular Time for Crocodile and Alligator Watch Bands

    It is the end of the year again. Closing out a year brings a lot of end of the year parties and family get togethers. We have Halloween, Thanks Giving, and all of the fun December Holidays! Fall brings cooler tempetures making it the best time to get a new alligator band or crocodile leather strap because cooler weather means less sweating which is always easier on an expensive alligator or crocodile leather band.

    Crocodile leather bands versus Alligator leather straps. Crocodile bands usually have more of a round grain pebble texture to them. An Alligator watchband will have a round pebble grain texture if the alligator skin comes from the side of the animal and will have a square or tile grain to it if the skin is taken from the belly or tail of the animal. Both are very nice replacement watch bands it is just a matter of opinion on which leather strap you like the best.

    Crocodile watch bands and Alligator watch straps are considered a high end luxurious leather band that will always bring wanted attention to you and your watch. It is a nice dress band that will give you a more formal look for your entire end of the year needs and having so many work and family events at this time of the year give you plenty of opportunity to enjoy your new watch strap.

    A lot of times people are not sure what is the best band for their occasions. Here are some rules of thumb to help guide you in your watch band search. A high gloss alligator watch strap with a smaller buckle size and matching stitching is usually considered more of a dress band. A leather band that is matte finish has contrast stitching and a larger buckle size is usually considered sporty or more casual. It is always a matter of preference though. Sometimes we are just drawn to a specific look for our replacement watch straps and that is OK too.

  • Green Trending Leather Watch Straps This Year

    MS2045GRN1The most popular request for a replacement watchband this year has been a green leather band.

    Hadley Roma is always one step ahead of the fashion curve. This year they came out with a beautiful high end Hermes grain leather strap. It is slightly padded, stitched and in 10 classy colors, green being among one of them. The Hermes leather band has a beautiful texture and it is hand crafted here in the USA. That is also one great thing Hadley Roma has always been known for. Another leather band that looks great in green is the Rolls Royce leather strap which is also hand crafted right in the US. The Rolls Royce leather is the same leather used in a Rolls Royce car. It is so soft and well made you will never want to take your watch off. Hirsch also came out with a couple of green watch straps this year. The Terra which is a leather band and Pure which is a Caoutchouc rubber strap.

    Don't be afraid to trend a watch with green in it this year! You won't have any trouble finding the perfect replacement band for it.

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