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Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • Ebay is A Great Mark Place to Buy and Sell Replacement Watch Bands

    Buyers who know about the eBay Buyer Protection program spend up to 270%* more on eBay than buyers who don't.

    As part of our continuing mission to deliver quality buyers to eBay sellers like you, we're promoting eBay Buyer Protection: the program that spells out the eBay guarantee to buyers.

    Confidence pays
    eBay Buyer Protection helps buyers feel confident shopping on our site. When buyers get the same money back guarantee they're used to getting at retail stores, they tend to buy more—and more often. In fact, research shows that buyers who are aware of the eBay Buyer Protection program spend up to 270%* more on eBay than buyers who are unaware of the program.

    We're telling buyers about the program

    Starting on September 26, eBay buyers will see this banner advertisement on the site:

  • Waterproof Watch Bands versus Water Resistant Watch Straps

    0259-20-Group Waterproof watch bands can be metal bands, leather straps, nylon straps like the NATO band, rubber or silicone bands. Rubber and silicone are a great choice for water use because they are 100% waterproof, they don’t absorb water which means no dry time and rubber and silicone are both UV protected. The same can be said for the metal watch band. Leather is a little bit different. Some leather replacement bands are meter rated waterproof letting you know how deep they have been tested for water use. Some leather bands are just marked waterproof meaning the leather has been treated to repel water and stand up to it but it will absorb water leaving it wet and needing dry time.

    A water resistant leather watch strap can tolerate small splash and some moisture but is not intended for water use and will damage your leather band if submerged. They can crack and peel or fade. Water will greatly reduce the life span of any leather strap.

    So remember if you plan on taking your watch into the water with you a metal band, rubber watch strap, silicone band or a nylon strap like a military NATO replacement band are great choices for water wear. If a leather band is a must for you, make sure it is waterproof not water resistant and a leather waterproof band is better if meter tested. Water resistant bands are a no no for water use. Take your water resistant band in the shower with you and you will need a replacement strap sooner than you many want.

  • Hirsch – An International Super Star in Bracelets for Watches

    For generations, Hirsch has been setting the international quality standard for bracelets for watches. Each band is made in original Hirsch quality from precious materials, ensures aesthetic visual impression and durability and is a pleasure to wear. Hirsch color codes their watchbands and gives a great explanation of each style band so that you can find the perfect replacement strap for you and your needs. They have a Hirsch classic range, Hirsch precious leather ( alligator, crocodile, lizard, ostrich) Hirsch Waterproof bands, Hirsch artisan leather ( Hypo-Allergenic and Aloe Vera) and Hirsch Premium Caoutchouc which is a perfect combination of nature and technology. Hirsch Premium Caoutchouc is considered to be the best material for functional bracelets. They have properties that significantly extend the life of the bracelets.

    Hirsch Quality

    Hirsch watchbands go through a number of checks to make sure every band is perfect and high quality. Remborded bands join upper and lining leather without any seam. Hirsch bracelets are perfectly protected from external influences, highly resistant to wear and very long-lasting.

    Hirsch warranty

    Hirsch is so sure of their products they guarantee the wear of each Hirsch watchband for at least one year. Leather is beautiful, not least because it is a living material. A natural product of this kind will show normal signs of wear after a time. The only way to avoid this is to do without leather bands altogether. The precise treatment of leather, many years of production know-how, the careful selection of special, suitable material, craftsmanship and the love for detail are the advantages that allow Hirsch to guarantee all customers that they will be able to wear their replacement band for at least one year.

  • Metal Watch Bracelets Make Great Replacement Watch Bands

    MB5886Grp2Metal watch bracelets are a great replacement watch band. They give any watch a classic look and will match anything you are wearing at all times. A metal watch band can be casual, sporty or dressy. They are very durable and waterproof making them great for any activity. A metal band can be worn for business, sports, diving, swimming, a nice evening out or hanging around the house. They will never make you or your watch look out of place.

    Metal bands come in so many different styles and colors you can always find the look you want. Weather you need a rose gold, which has become very popular again, black PVD, brushed stainless steel, or a nice high polish look. Metal bands also come in titanium, yellow gold and two tone colors. Want a sporty metal band? Hadley-Roma came out with a metal band that has PU links added to the center of the band. This has given color; style and an entire new look to metal!

    Metal watch bands are also very nice because unlike leather watch straps they can be adjusted to any length you need. Simply add or remove links to adjust your watch band to whatever size you need. The links are held together by clip links, compression pins or screw pins. They are fairly easy to remove and add. You can use tools around the house to make the adjustments or you can buy a tool specially made to remove metal watch band links.

    Now that you know about the link adding and removal, adjusting the length of a metal band is an easy fix. What about the band connection to your watch by the lugs? Metal bands have 3 different ends links where it connects watch to band. They will come with straight ends, curved ends or squeeze ends. A straight end band can go on a straight end watch or a curved end watch. If placing on a curved end watch you will see the same gap you would see if you were to attach a leather, canvas or Kevlar type strap. A curved end band can only fit on a curved end watch. Squeeze end bands are perfect if you like to swap your watch out but have different size lugs on your watches because a squeeze end band will fit a wide verity of lug sizes. It is also a great choice if you have a watch with lugs that are 19mm, 21mm or 23mm. Most standard metal bands will come in 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm. An 18-22mm squeeze end band will fit anything in between 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm and 22mm. Replacement watch bands will not fit all models but Hadley-Roma makes their bands to fit most watches. We have a huge selection of replacement bands making it super easy to find the exact size, color and fit you are looking for.

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