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Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • Budget Friendly Watch Bands

    In difficult economic times, style can often be pushed to the side in order to accommodate other financial needs. However, it is still very possible to be stylish and stay within a certain budget when it comes to making fashion choices! While some outfit materials might be more expensive, their counterparts for accessories don’t necessarily need to be. Having a great watchband can give anyone a unique sense of style and is an easy way to make an awesome fashion statement.

    Quality for less

    Many people live lavish lifestyles and what they wear makes that extremely obvious. Most of the time, certain materials can be pricier than others. If one has the money, they clearly seek the highest quality products they can find since they are easily affordable. Some of the more expensive materials that watchbands are made of can be specific leathers and skins.

    Fortunately, there are great prices for unique leather that still give a person style, regardless of their budget. Since a watchband doesn’t require nearly as much material as a coat, pants, or boots, purchasing one of these is way more manageable. That way, anyone can sport and showcase their fashion sense when it comes to leather made items!

    Affordable options

    To look stylish, one doesn’t always have to take the leather route. There are other fashionable and high quality materials that are cheaper in price. For example, rubber watchbands are a nice option that exemplifies a glossy and clean finish. In addition to being attractive, these bands are extremely comfortable and are fit for any kind of conditions or occasions. Super exotic materials aren’t always a requirement to be stylish!

    If looking for something bright and shiny, there are great metal watchbands that are less expensive choices. Resembling jewelry, these metal bands can compliment neutral colored outfits and won’t cost nearly as much as other materials!

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  • How are Hadley Roma watch straps manufactured?

    Curious about how Hadley Roma watch straps are manufactured?

    Here is a fascinating video (produced by the Roma Industries, owners of the Hadley-Roma brand). The video describes the entire watch band making process.

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  • What Makes Rubber Watch Bands Attractive

    You have a lot of choices when it comes to your watch band. When people have a nice watch or a watch that is a family heirloom that they want to put on a band, they will consider materials such as leather or metal. But rubber watch bands are a great alternative for a lot of reasons. The next time you are looking for a watch band, take a look at what makes rubber watch bands so attractive.

    Rubber Watch Strap Hadley-Roma Solid Color Matching Stitched Silicon Rubber Diver Strap

    For one thing, rubber watch bands can come in a variety of colors that can match your watch perfectly. You can choose a feature on your watch that you like and get a band color that compliments or enhances that feature. There is a literal rainbow of colors to choose from when you take a look at your selections of rubber watch bands that you are going to find something you like.

    Another thing that makes these bands so attractive to people is that rubber can be molded into any kind of design. If you are looking for that one special band design that no one else seems to offer, then you may want to find a website that offers rubber watch bands. The versatility of rubber means that manufacturers can make bands into any kind of design they want. The possibilities could literally be endless when it comes to the kinds of shapes and patterns you can have on your rubber watch band.

    Manufacturers have taken to stamping rubber watch bands to look like all of the popular designs that exist. The reason they do this is because many people consider rubber to be more comfortable and longer lasting than any other material. So when you are looking for a particular pattern on your watch band, the chances are very good that the pattern you are look for can be found in a comfortable and durable rubber band. You can choose from a variety of colors as well as  multiple unique designs, and have the band you have always wanted for that very special watch that you want to pass down to future family generations.

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