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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • Six Great Ostrich Watch Straps

    Ostrich and lizard watch straps are becoming more popular around the world. Before you invest in one of these bold fashion statements, you need a buying guide to the more popular types that are available. When you find a reputable online retailer to buy from, you will have the selection you need to make the right choices.

    The Hadley-Roma Genuine African Ostrich watch strap is one of the finer available on the market. It can be purchased in a classic black color, but it also comes in cognac and a natural light brown hue. These are truly unique watch bands that will give you something to talk about when you are at any event.

    Hadley-Roma also makes a Genuine Teju Lizard watch band that is extremely comfortable and fashionable as well. The designers at Hadley-Roma put plenty of comfortable padding into their straps and also offer a wide variety of colors for consumers to choose from as well.

    Tech Swiss makes a 20mm tan ostrich leather strap with a special quick-release mechanism that makes it easy to put on and take off quickly. The bright tan color and the tell-tale spots make this a unique looking watch band for any occasion.

    Speidel has a 14mm ladies’ ostrich leather watch strap that has a beautiful pink hue to it and a slender design. The gold tone buckle sets off the pink strap and, once again, the leather is highlighted by the fashionable spots that can be found on every ostrich watch strap.

    If you have any issues with ostrich leather, then you should try the Anti-Allergic Honey Tan Ostrich Strap by Di-Model. It is a 14mm strap that has a rich, dark tan hue to it and padded sides. The strap is specially treated to make it something that anyone can wear. The special breathing surface technology that goes into this strap also makes it comfortable to wear.

    For something a bit different, you can try the Tech Swiss 20mm turquoise ostrich leather strap. The natural grain of ostrich leather is brought out with the blue hue that is added to make this one of the more interesting designer straps on the market.

  • 5 Tips To Adjust Metal Watch Bands

    Many people like metal watch bands because they can be adjusted to the correct size quickly and easily. But if you want to get your watch band down to the right size without damaging it, then there are five tips you need to follow that will allow you to take care of your metal watch band and retain its look.

    The first thing to remember about metal watch bands is that adjusting them is easy if you have the right tools and know the proper approach. You should make sure to purchase the proper tools from your online watch band supplier and take the time to watch a video on how to adjust a metal watch band before you get started.

    When you are adjusting your metal watch band, be sure you are using a flat, solid surface and a room that has plenty of light. You will be working on some small parts, so you do not want to lose track of what you are doing. The flat surface is essential in making sure that you are able to do the adjustments properly.

    The surface you are working on should be bright and soft. The best kind of surface to work on when adjusting a metal watch band is a white towel. The white color will allow you to easily see each piece of the band. The softness of the towel will prevent small pieces from bouncing off a hard table able being lost forever.

    Before you put the clasp back on, always make sure that the watch band is adjusted properly. There should be a finger distance between your wrist and the band to allow for safe movement. Do not reattach the clasp until you are certain that you are done adjusting the band.

    If you are lengthening a metal watch band, then always remember to add an equal amount of pieces to each side of the band to keep everything symmetric. That means that you will always be adding an even number of watch band lengths to a metal watch band each time that you try to extend it.

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