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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • 5 Tips To Select The Best Watch Straps

    If you have a watch strap that is ill fitting, you will most likely feel like it is more of a bother to wear than anything else. If the band is not durable enough, the watch could easily come off of your arm because of a broken strap.  This is why it is so important that you have the best watch strap for your timepiece. Selecting the best boils down to five basic tips and you should definitely keep these in mind.

    Look For High Quality Straps 

    Make sure that the strap that you have for the watch you are wearing is of the best quality. Many times when you buy a new watch strap, you will make the mistake of getting the cheapest thing you can find. It is best to pay a bit extra and get the best watch strap.

    Look For A Style That Suits You 

    One of the greatest things that you can do to  choose the perfect strap is to look for a style that will go with your personal style and wardrobe. This is why buying a watchstrap for someone else may not always be the best idea.

    Consider Adjustable Straps 

    If you find that you often have a problem with keeping your watch in place, you may want to consider adjustable straps. These bands can be fully adjusted to the tension that you prefer and will keep your watch in one place, no matter what you are doing. This is also a good idea for people who have issues with swelling of the wrist or arm or are very athletic.

    Watch Straps For Men And Women Are Much Different 

    One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they order a new band for their watch is to order the wrong type. If you are a man, it is a good idea to look for watch straps that are specifically designed for you and vise versa if you are a woman. Believe it or not, there can be major differences between the two.

    Think About All Of Your Options 

    There are so many different watchband styles on the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed and just pick something. This is not always the wisest thing to do in order to get a strap that you will be completely happy with. Make sure you take the extra time to consider all of the different styles and materials that are available.

  • Choose The Classic Watch Straps Bands From Global Watchband

    Not very many people pay a lot of attention to the watch strap that they wear with their watch. However, this is a very stylish accessory and should be given the proper attention. A lot of people just assume that the watch straps that come with the style that they purchase is just fine and will be perfectly functional. By taking a look at all of the different classic styles that are available from Global Watchband, you will see that there is much more to be said about this little style accessory. You may just see that you could be looking at your watch in a whole new perspective with just the right strap.

    Many of the typical straps that a watch comes with are just ordinary and average. Many are not made from high quality materials and they will often break down and wear out faster than good bands. When you pay a certain price for a watch at the store, that amount that you pay is mostly for the watch itself. Therefore, the watch strap itself is usually a cheaply made design that is not at all that stylish. If you really want to make an impression with your watch, it is worth taking some time to see what all is available at Global Watchband.

    Even if you are not into a flashy strap for your watch, you should definitely take some time to look at all of the classic styles of watch straps that are available. Many people do choose to go with a colorful leather strap or even a genuine alligator band. However, there are some styles that are very classic and will be suitable for just about anyone. Take into consideration the basic black leather band or even the Italian rubber design, which both are widely popular choices amongst consumers.

    One of the most inexpensive investments that you can make for your watch is a new strap. In most cases, you can get a new strap for a fraction of the price that you paid for the watch itself. With just one look at the wide array of watch straps and bands that are available, you will most likely be quite inspired to invest in a new design. Global Watchband specializes in making sure that their customers find exactly what they need when it comes to accessorizing their watches and you are sure to have no problem finding just what you want.

  • Tips To Getting The Right Watch Band The First Time

    One of the biggest things that you can do to change the look and appearance of your watch is to change the watch band in which it came with. This one change can completely change the stylish impact of the watch that you wear and give you a more sincere appreciation for this piece of jewelry. It is no secret that ordering the watch bands that you like off of the Internet is one of the best ways to find exactly the style that you want. However, ordering online often leaves people apprehensive because they fear the idea of getting a strap that is not what they want or the right size. There are a few simple tips that you can follow if you choose to order your watch band online that will help you get the right one the first time.

    Take A Good Look At The Springbar Of Your Watch Band

    While most springbar connectors that are used to connect the certain watch to the band are universally about the same size, but there are a few brands out there that are different. Make sure that you measure the springbar itself and match it up to the new band that you plan to order. This will help to ensure that the band that you order will fit properly on your certain watch style.

    Properly Measure the Size Of Your Wrist

    One of the biggest letdowns is getting that fabulous watch band in the mail and realizing it is not the right size for your arm. Make sure that you properly measure your wrist before you place an order for a new band. This will help you to make sure that this does not happen and your band fits perfectly fine. Keep in mind that some bands are made to be adjustable. If this is the case, measuring will not be as much of an issue.

    Make Sure Your Watch Is A Good Match

    Many people make a hasty decision about a certain style of band and realize when it arrives that it does not complement the watch itself at all. The best way to avoid this issue is by keeping your personal watch close when you are browsing the available selections. If you are not sure about a certain band, hold it up to the picture of the band you are considering and see if it looks good with it.

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