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Monthly Archives: November 2012

  • Deployment Buckles for your watch band

    What is the difference between the BKL100W (Butterfly Deployment buckle) and the BKL300W (deployment model 1 deployment buckle) by Hadley Roma?

    Both the BKL100 butterfly model deployment buckle and the BKL300W fold over deployment model 1 buckle are very well made, great working buckles and work with typical replacement watch straps. They look very nice adding elegance to any watch and watchband. Deployment buckles make taking on and off your watch easier and will increase the life of you watch strap. A deployment buckle will not extend or shorten the length of your watch band. Deployment buckles come in stainless steel, brush finish stainless steel, sandblast stainless steel, yellow gold, rose gold color and Black PVD. We have a buckle to match most watches.

    The BKL100 butterfly deployment buckle is heavier due to its construction. It has a push button allowing the buckle to open like a butterfly. This buckle is easier to take on and off for someone with larger hands. Its folding parts sit in the center of the wrist making it comfortable to wear.

    The BKL300 is lighter due to its construction and snaps on and off opposed to the butterfly which has to be released by a push button. The folding clasp part must approach the front of the wrist, instead of the back…no big deal…just a bit different than you might expect. The BKL300 deployment model 1 can be uncomfortable for someone with a smaller wrist. This does not bother most people that wear a watch.

    In comparing the two buckles I would say the BKL300 is more popular and the BKL100 is more luxurious. Either way you will not be disappointed.

  • Self-Lined Leather Watch Bands

    What is a self-lined watch band?

    Is a self-lined leather watch band more durable than other watchstraps?

    Self-Lined is a construction where the Top Leather is the same as the Lining Leather.

    However there are different ways to do this. The MS892 leather watch strap is a One-Piece Construction, the leather is cut and folded over and stitched. This construction does make it one of the most durable leather straps near the lug area. (The area that the band connects to your watch)

    The MS890 is another example of a self-lined band but there Hadley Roma takes two pieces of leather first gluing and then stitching them together. So in essence this band is not more durable per the construction.

    Of course all leather watch straps will degrade over time but the MS892 is the toughest due to its construction.

  • How to measure a watch band

    Some of the most common questions about the lengths of replacement watchbands are:

    1-How long is the band?

    2-What length band do I need?

    3-Does a deployment buckle extend the length of the band?

    Most replacement watch band companies will make straps in four different sizes. The sizing for leather and specialty (Kevlar, Lorica, Carbon Fiber ext.) watchbands will depend on what that particular company considers short, regular, long and extra long.

    When measuring the strap it is very important to start off just measuring the leather. Never include your watch or the buckle in the measurement. There are also two sides to most watch bands. The tip side and the buckle side. The tip side is usually the longer side with the holes in it and the buckle side is usually the shorter side with the buckle and the keepers. Keepers are the loops that hold the tips side down against the band once on.

    Metal bands are pretty standard, usually measuring 7” or 180mm. Around 5 links can usually be removed to shorten the band if needed and links can also be added to the metal watch bands for a larger wrist. Most of Hadley Roma’s metal watch bands have compression pins that will push out when you use a firm sharp object or tool. Another type of pin is known as a screw pin that needs to be turned like a screw in order to be removed. Then there is the clip link that is also pushed out with a tool.

    Rubber/Silicone watch straps are pretty standard too, measuring 7 7/8” long end to end excluding buckle. The tip side 120mm/ buckle side 80mm

    Hadley Roma Men’s Short bands are 6 ½” to 7” long end to end excluding the buckle.

    Hadley Roma Men’s Regular bands measure 7 ½” to 7 7/8” end to end excluding the buckle

    Hadley Roma Men’s Long bands measure 8” to 8 ½” end to end excluding the buckle

    Hadley Roma Men’s Extra Long bands are usually 8 ½” to 9 ½” long end to end excluding the buckle

    Hadley Roma Ladies Short bands are 6” to 6 ½” long end to end excluding the buckle

    Hadley Roma Ladies Regular bands are 6 ½” to 7” long end to end excluding the buckle

    Hadley Roma ladies Long bands are 7 ½” to 8” long end to end excluding the buckle

    What length band do I need?

    A regular band fits most wrists just fine. If you think that your wrist might be larger or smaller than the average wrist, there are ways to determine what length will work for you. Either way, you can avoid the hassle of an exchange by getting the correct size.

    The easiest way to identify the correct size is to measure your current watch band. You need to take the band off of your watch, lay both sections of strap end-to-end on the ruler (exclude buckle) and measure together for total length.

    If you do not have a watch strap then you will need to measure your wrist. You can do this by using a soft tape measure. If you don’t have one you can take any string, ribbon or yarn you have and use that. Now measure, as lose, or as tight, as you wear a watch. Then subtract the length of the watch from spring bar hole to spring bar hole in the watch case. That will give you the useable length of the band you need.

    Does a deployment buckle change the length of the band?

    No adding a deployment buckle does not shorten or extend the length of your watch band.

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