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  • Samsung Gear S2 Classic


    The Samsung Gear S2 classic is not a fitness watch, as it's more a smartwatch. So its level of activity monitoring is minimal. The watch is able to track running, biking and walking with an estimated number of calories burned. The watch is designed to use apps, like Nike+Running and S health that comes preloaded on the watch and will provide the level of tracking most want to see from fitness devices. Having the ability to choose apps that are appropriate to the activity or user's preference makes the Samsung Gear S2 Classic a good choice for those looking for customization. Some basic features on the S2 is that it is able to keep of your activity throughout the day. It will keep track of your pulse, number of steps, and heart rate. It will also alert you if you haven't moved enough.

    The Samsung Gear S2 classic exceeds when it comes to fashion. Unlike many smartwatches that you can tell are fitness trackers, rather than watches, the S2 Classic does well in appearing to be a stylish watch for the wrist. The watch uses premium finishes, and the band can easily be swapped out with almost any 20mm standard strap for all looks and/or occasions. The S2 classic should not be confused with the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 as it does not take standard watch bands at all. The sleek design of the classic coupled with the many choices of band colors and watch faces, make this a great choice for those looking for a watch that can accompany any occasion.

    The Samsung Gear S2 classic is designed to also be durable. By using materials like stainless steel, scratch-resistant glass, the S2 classic should stand up to everyday wear and tear. Match it up with a Hirsch Performance strap and your band will have a 2.5 year warranty as well. The watch is also IP68 rated meaning that it will handle exposure to water, dust and sweat.

    To wrap it up, it sounds like the Samsung Gear S2 classic is an intuitive smartwatch that is designed for those on the go. While those looking for a true fitness watch will want more from the Gear S2 Classic, those looking for basic fitness measurements will be happy with this watch. It can receive smart notifications from smartphones, including text and email alerts, phone calls, and app notification, like Instagram alerts. Adding to this, is the ability to customize the watch's face and change its band as needed. Its touchscreen and rotating bezel help the user easily navigate throughout the watch. All this with a price tag less than $300.

  • Bonetto Cinturini

    For over 35 years Bonetto has specialized in the development and production of high quality rubber watch straps for watches. They use high quality materials which reflex the high standards crucial to the watch making market, ensuring high comfort and durability. Their innovative designs range from a NATO style rubber straps, divers bands, to many types of smooth and textured patterns
    Thanks to their design and attention to detail, the replacement watch straps in the collections complement both diving sports watches and the more elegant, classic models.

    Each piece is available in various lug sizes and colors and fit with deployment or tang-type stainless steel buckles, making it an accessory that is always at the cutting edge of the latest fashions.

    The wide range of colors expand your creativity and your ideas. With a wide range of colors, metallic tones and color effect, Bonetto Cinturini offers different custom tones to satisfy all aesthetic requirements. We have been carrying the 300D Notte Blue and the 300D Black for about 10 years and are very excited to have the 20mm and 22mm back in stock.

    About the 300D
    Very high quality rubber military strap from Italy used in some of the best Swiss watches today. These substantial rubber straps are reversible for either a dressy or sporty look on your watch. The rubber used to make these bands is anti-allergic and non-toxic as declared by the FDA. The colors are resistant to ultraviolet rays as well. A great feature of this band is that you can adjust and cut it for that perfect fit!*. The stainless steel deployant buckle with push button release and flip-lock clasp is best I have used. *Starts at 7 5/8" Long (That plus most watches at 1 1/2") gives you over 9"! Fitting most large wrists, and can then be cut to fit a smaller wrist! This is the classic Genuine Italian band with the vanilla scent.

  • HIRSCH Performance Collection

    HIRSCH has been a premier watch strap manufacturer in the industry, in fact its history dates back to the year 1765. Their products are some of the finest, the most advanced and the most richly detailed in the world. Their aim is to ensure longevity, comfort in wear and aesthetic appeal in all the situations in which a watch is worn by our customers. That said, HIRSCH has really hit it out of the park with their Performance Collection.

    HIRSCH has combined classic leather with HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc (the best raw material for functional bracelets). They are new standards in terms of functionality, wearing comfort, longevity and aesthetics with the Performance Collection.

    Luxury watch manufacturers confirm that HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc is the best raw material for functional bracelets. The special geometry and superior grooves at the heart of the caoutchouc ensure moisture is wicked away and the skin itself regulates the temperature under the bracelet.

    Whether it’s for everyday wear or for sport, HIRSCH Performance Collection bracelets are flexible, sturdy and robust and are therefore guaranteed for 30 months (2.5 years).

    Wearing Comfort
    The pleasantly soft, stretchy combination of leather and caoutchouc fits the wrist perfectly, even in the toughest conditions, ensuring that it is extremely comfortable to wear.

    Classic leather, combined with the best material for functional bracelets. The HIRSCH Performance Collection is synonymous with an attractive appearance, design expertise and the functionality that is associated with premium HIRSCH quality.

    The collection HIRSCH Performance Collection are the perfect marriage of appearance and technology. The styles combine traditional leather craftsmanship and cutting-edge bracelet technology in unique HIRSCH quality. The HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc’s special geometry and superior groove structure ensure constant ventilation for the wrist. Moisture that develops can quickly evaporate, ensuring a high level of wearing comfort and maximum freedom of movement in any situation.

    The combination of different types and colors of leather imposes virtually no limits on personal surface finish and design preferences. The range of HIRSCH Performance Collection styles extends from sporty and dynamic to sporty and classic, so the wearer is free to choose from a very wide range to suit his watch.

  • 2017 ROLEX New Editions

    Rolex introduced some editions to its Oyster and Cellini collections:

    We know this isn’t timely information to folks; however, we never covered this topic as part of our blogs but better late than never…..
    This was an interesting review of the Sea-Dweller covered by monochrome-watches:

  • The First Wristwatch

    Antique watches from around 1910

    The first wristwatch was made for a woman, Countess Koscowicz of Hungary, by Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe in 1868. Although it was the first timekeeping device to be designed specifically for use on the wrist, it was intended primarily as a piece of decorative jewellery. It has been claimed that pocket watches were adapted to be worn on wrist bracelets prior to 1868, perhaps as early as the 1570s. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this, and Patek Philippe’s design for Countess Koscowicz was the first true wristwatch in the modern sense of the word. Wristwatches were a natural progression from pocket watches, but men did not initially take to the idea, preferring to rely on the larger, more traditional (and masculine) timepiece. However, the practicalities of the wristwatch, which could be operated with one hand rather than two, eventually won over popular opinion, appealing especially to those in the military, who needed to be able to monitor the time while also operating machinery and weaponry. Consequently, the first wristwatches to be produced in large quantities were those manufactured specifically for the German military in the 1880s by Swiss watchmaker Girard-Perregaux.


  • Breitling Watch Band & Breitling Special Edition Wallet up for Auction on Ebay

    Bezel Tabs2 Bezel Tabs4 Wallet1 Wallet3 Watch1

    Look what I have up for auction on my e-bay store. First I have bezel tabs for the Breitling Aerospace. They are used but in really good condition the glow spot still glows well! Second, I have this brand new Breitling special edition leather wallet with airplane comic charaters on it's lower half. It also came with a note from Breitling. Very cool!Third is this used 20mm straight end Breitling Aerospace titanium and gold watch band, measuring 6 3/4 inches. It's still in really good shape and would surely look great on your watch.

    These auctions started today and will run till 6-19-2014, stop by and check them out. There are additional pictures on the listings and detailed information about each piece. I have linked all of the words and pictures above, so all you have to do is click on them to go straight to the listing. Have fun!

  • Father's Day Contest Winners!

    Happy Father's Day to all of our special dad's and a huge thank you to all of my new found customers and my always loyal customers! I wasn't sure how to implement such a fun, fantastic and HUGE giveaway but with me being a mommy it didn't take long to come up with the perfect plan. Some will call it luck, some fun and some crazy social media fanatics will admit nothing other than having the smarts to stop at nothing for something FREE! No matter who you are and how you attempted this fathers day giveaway just know it had a lot to do with you, a little to do with a game by Dr. Seuss (What's in the Cat's Hat?) and all of your fate in the hands of a 5 year old! So congratulations to all of the winners from Global Watchband!
    First place winner is for a $100 credit to anything on Congratulations to Jed Koontz! Our big first place winner!
    Second place winner is for a $50 credit to anything on Congratulations to Greg Wooster!
    Third and Fourth place winner is for a $25 credit for anything on Congratulations to Karyn Axtell-Almond and Miles Barrett!
    The FREE watch band giveaway is for 10 lucky winners! The MS817 comes in black and brown and is made right here in the USA. Congratulations to:
    1-Anna Scott
    2-Greg Wooster
    3-Michael Harding
    4-Denny Crane
    5-Damian Castellanos
    6-Giuseppe Sgambato
    7-Mike DePinto
    8-Luz Marina Chamorro Vallejo
    9-Marc Adler
    10-David Almond
    Congratulation winners. Please get in touch with me within 48hrs or your gift will be passed to another customer. We want everyone to redeem their prize! Once you have accepted the free giveaway the offer for you to collect expires midnight 12/31/2014 or when stock is out so get to shopping!



  • Father's Day Giveaway 2014

    2014 Huge Father's Day Giveaway

    fathers day 1

    Happy Father's Day!

    Here at Globalwatchband we want to do something really special for all you Dad's out there. For the first time ever from Globalwatchband ... The Father's Day Giveaway, which consists of a $100 1st prize credit, $50 2nd prize credit, $25 3rd and 4th prize credit. That's a credit on anything at and that's not it....10 names will also be drawn for a Free watch band with various sizes, available in a brown color. (picture below ) That's 14 chances to WIN!

    fathers day 2

    Here is how you can Enter....All you have to do is show your interest by checking out any of Globalwatchband's social media, and or by making a purchase at, although no purchase is necessary. You are entered by Posting, Liking, Sharing, Tweeting, Following, Joining or Pinning on Globalwatchband's social media or by making a purchase, and you get entered. The more you like, post or share the more entries you get. I've even added all the links below to make it easy for you!

    fathers day 3

    All entries must be received by 12 pm Thursday June 5th. Drawing will be held at 4pm and Winners will be announced in's blog soon after, (all winners will also receive an email) and an announcement will be posted on facebook that the winning participants name have been drawn. All winners must reply within 24 hrs so that I can ship your item/items in time to be received by 6-15-14 (Father's Day). After 24 hrs I will have to draw another name, again to try to ensure delivery by Father's Day (6-15-14). Credits are redeemable for purchases at only and have no cash value. Free first class shipping is included, faster shipping is available at your request and shipping fees will apply. Globalwatchband never shares customer informantion, all customer information entered is for globalwatchband use only.

    Free Watch Band


    The MS817 Is a hand crafted genuine leather band made in the USA. This band is tumbled dry so each has a unique look. It has a glossy finish with contrast stitching and a heavy duty brushed stainless steel buckle, it's 5mm thick and 200mm long. It comes with speed pins and is water resistant.

    Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google plus, Pinterist

    Good Luck Everyone!

  • NATO Band 30% off Sale

    MS4230-RED-Ring Not into stripes? Don't worry...there will be a solid NATO 30% off next week. Stay tuned!
    MS4230-BLU-Ring Blue reminds me of the water....only place I'd rather be!
    MS4230-YLW-Ring Bumble Bee --- 30% Off...Oh and Yes FREE Shipping!


    Getting Ready for Summer NATO Band Sale for the Month of May

    Waterproofing your summer at 30% off!

    OK....Ready Set Go! Here we go on a weekly sale campaign featuring the NATO watch bands, starting with the divers / military style NATO watch band strap, the MS4230. It is 280mm long, available in 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and24mm (22mm fits the pebble smart watch). The colors are striped yellow, white, red, orange, khaki, grey and blue alternating with black stripes. The buckle sizes are the same as the the band for a nice even look. These are a Hot item right now so don't miss out on your chance for the 30% off on this watch band. This offer is only available at

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